The Future Of Software Engineering

In case you haven’t heard about it yet, let me point you to FOSE, the Future Of Software Engineering [1] symposium in Zurich next week, organized by Sebastian Nanz. It is all made of invited talks; it is hard to think (with the possible exception of the pioneers’ conference [2]) of any previous gathering of so many software engineering innovators:

  • Barry Boehm
  • Manfred Broy
  • Patrick Cousot
  • Erich Gamma
  • Yuri Gurevich
  • Michael Jackson
  • Rustan Leino
  • David Parnas
  • Dieter Rombach
  • Joseph Sifakis
  • Niklaus Wirth
  • Pamela Zave
  • Andreas Zeller

The symposium is over two days. It is followed by a special event on “Eiffel at 25” which, as the rest of FOSE, is resolutely forward-looking, presenting a number of talks on current Eiffel developments, particularly in the areas of verification integrated in the development cycle (see “Verification As A Matter Of Course” [3]) and concurrent programming.


[1] Future Of Software Engineering (FOSE): symposium home page.
[2] Broy and Denert, editors: Software Pioneers, Springer, 2002. See publisher’s page.
[3] Verification As a Matter Of Course (VAMOC): an earlier entry of this blog.

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  1. Ian Warrington says:

    Hi Bertrand,

    That’s a great looking list of speakers! Is there any chance that videos from the symposium and/or “Eiffel at 25” will be available online?

    Kind regards,


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