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Object-Oriented Software Construction,
2nd edition (1997)




The second edition of Object-Oriented Software Construction was published in 1997, considerably augmented from the 1988 first edition. For more about the book, see the Wikipedia entry about it.

Both editions were published by Prentice Hall, now part of Pearson Education, Inc. With Pearson’s kind permission, this online version has been made available in response to frequent requests and in preparation of the forthcoming third edition.

This version is the original text from the 1997 edition, untouched. Except for an added copyright page, everything is from the original, with identical content and format. All changes, updates and additions will appear in the extensively reworked 3rd edition.

To follow the progress of the third edition, please consult bertrandmeyer.com/OOSC3.

Copyright notice: The text is not in the public domain. It is copyrighted material, made available free of charge on the Web for the convenience of readers, in particular for use as a textbook in courses. You are not permitted to copy it or redistribute it. Please refer others to the present version at bertrandmeyer.com/OOSC2.

A number of pirated versions have found their way to various sites on the Web. They are illegal (and typically of bad typographical quality). If you encounter such a version, please ask the site owners to remove it, or notify the author. You can also simply use the comment section for this page.

To read the second edition, you will find the full PDF (10.7MB) here.

(Please do not bookmark or share the above download link as it may change, but use the present page: https://bertrandmeyer.com/OOSC2.)

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