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Programming limerick of the month, October 2010

It’s the implementation that counts

There was a young girl in Carmel
Who scolded her suitor, called Mel:
“Enough foreplay, now play!
I am not made of clay!
Give me code and not just UML.”

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Programming limerick of the month, September 2009

A more trivial pursuit

There was a young guy full of lust
Who could not understand C++.
He decided instead
To woo his co-ed:
It’s more fun (he found out), and less fuss.

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Programming limerick of the month, August 2009



A large bank (now in need of a shore-up)
Had converted its code to C-Sharp.
It soon led to such drama
That they called up Obama
And demanded admission to TARP.


In September: UML.

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