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It is natural for any researcher to want to talk about his and his colleagues’ work, and I have often used this blog to mention results, events and publications in which I am involved at ETH, ITMO, Eiffel Software, Informatics Europe, ACM etc. But it is also important to report about interesting stuff from remote quarters. So I am starting a new series, “Reading Notes”, describing articles that I encounter and that I feel may be worth bringing to the limelight. Although there have already been a few articles of that kind, it occurred to me that readers may enjoy more frequent discussions of what others are doing.

Hence the new series of occasional articles, which I am starting now: Reading Notes. Articles belonging to the series will be signaled clearly.

I express my opinions candidly so it is useful to include a general disclaimer, which you may consider automatically prefixed to all articles in the series. If I see a bad paper I will not waste my time and yours by writing an entry to blast it. As a corollary, if I do discuss a paper or book in the series it invariably means that I learned something from it and recommend reading it. Appreciation does not have to mean genuflection; there are often reservations to be made and always questions to be asked. But any critical comment is meant for enlightenment, not disparagement.

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